ROEMHELD launches maintenance-free rotor

ROEMHELD has introduced new rotor locks that are designed to deliver increased availability and simplified maintenance to wind power plants A new, special coating prevents the locking bolt from rusting when not in use for a long period and non-contact position monitoring avoids mechanical wear and extends the life of the component.

A permanently corrosion-free coating of the bushings prevents rusting between surface intervals and the need for regular greasing. As a result, the rotor lock is pernanently ready for use which also reduces the need for plant maintenance. The surface protection of all rotor lock components corresponds to DIN ISO 12944, C4, so that they can also be used in offshore operations.

Non-contact position monitoring has also been introduced to offer longer life and high availability. A non-contact switch checks if the bolt is in stand-by position or if the rotor is locked. As there are no mechanical contacts to wear out, replacement is not necessary.
ROEMHELD manufactures hydraulically or electro-mechanically operated rotor locks to customer specifications and supplies to companies all over the world. The rotor lock resists side loads up to a maximum of 7,000 kN and can be used to lock the rotors of onshore and offshore wind power plants with up to 6.5 megawatts of power. The locking module, with its compact design, is adapted to the limited space in the nacelle. The use of standardised components makes it possible to produce complex special designs quickly and cost-effectively.

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Components Overview

Hydraulic and
electromechanical rotor lock

  • Very compact and maintenance-free version
  • Modular design enables customer-specific customization
  • FEM calculation and certification according to DEWI
  • According to the guidelines of
    the Germanic Lloyd (GL)
  • Corrosion protection in accordance with test standard DIN ISO 12944

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Electrical flap operation

The ROEMHELD linear actuator RA 600 actuates flaps and hatches automatically at the push of a button.

  • Maintains the position also in case of power loss
  • Corrosion-protected and vibration-resistant variants are available
  • In addition suitable for regulation and control tasks
  • Complies with the protection class
    IP 66 and IP 69 K

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Safe System Maintenance

Maintenance of wind power plants especially in off-shore installations make the highest demands on man and material. Harsh weather conditions at sea make the work difficult. To provide the maximum possible protection for employees and the required safety at work, ROEMHELD has developed – for the operators and manufacturers of wind power plants a hydraulic and electromechanical rotor lock that safely, reliably and quickly locks the rotor blade during maintenance works.

For maintenance works at on and offshore wind power plants, the safe and simple opening of the entrance into the installations is important. Access and maintenance flaps must safely maintain their position and resist the harsh environmental conditions of wind and weather. ROEMHELD linear actuators work reliably and are designed for these requirements with their high-quality processing.

Hydraulic and electromechanical rotor lock

The ROEMHELD rotor lock works with hydraulic or electromechanical locking mechanism and withstands side loads up to 5,500 kN. The double-acting hydraulic cylinder generates the retracting and extending motion of the bolt and reliably locks the rotor blade of wind power plants up to 6.5 MW within a temperature range from – 30°C to + 70 °C.
A mechanical or inductive position monitoring of the bolt transmits the final positions "Rotor blade secured" and "Rotor free" to the system control and ensures additional safety.

Electrical flap operation

Convenient access to the nacelle
by electrical flap operation

For maintenance works at on and offshore wind power plants, the safe and simple opening of the entrance into the installations is important. Access and maintenance flaps must safely maintain their position and resist the harsh environmental conditions of wind and weather. ROEMHELD linear actuators work reliably and are designed for these requirements with their high-quality processing.

The ROEMHELD linear actuator RA 600 actuates flaps and hatches automatically at the push of a button. This electrical actuator is a complete function unit in a compact housing, and the sturdy design safely absorbs load peaks. The RA 600 generates maximum forces up to 6,000 N, that can be used as push or pull forces. The long and maintenance-free service life is a convincing feature.


Functionality position control
Field of application
Film- Trailer wind power industry

Efficient and Safe Clamping

In industrial manufacturing, very different workpieces must be safely and precisely machined
with high reproducibility. The cost and time-oriented production requires clamping in exact
position and calculable set-up times. With the world's largest selection of hydraulic clamping
equipment, ROEMHELD is specialised to meet these requirements.

ROEMHELD hydraulic power unit

The ROEMHELD hydraulic power unit is also used in test benches for rotor brakes. They are used for endurance tests on "special test rigs" to test the durability of brake housings.

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ROEMHELD zero-point mounting
system Speedy Classic 3 NG

The ROEMHELD zero-point mounting system Speedy Classic 3 NG clamps and positions large and heavy workpieces with a repetitive accuracy of 10 μ. Adjustments and checks are completely omitted and thus the productivity is maximised.

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ROEMHELD hollow-piston cylinders

With ROEMHELD hollow-piston cylinders large-sized workpieces can be hydraulically clamped with max. 160 kN per clamping point, whereby set-up times can be reduced up to 70 %.

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ROEMHELD concentric clamping elements

With ROEMHELD concentric clamping elements large and annular workpieces can be efficiently and concentrically aligned and clamped in a precise position. Alignment times are reduced to a minimum.

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HUSUM WindEnergy fair 2012 - Review

ROEMHELD hails HUSUM WindEnergy as a resounding success. Rotor lockings and linear actors for wind turbines steal the show.

Laubach, 2. October 2012. Clamping technology experts ROEMHELD are delighted with the turn-out at the Husum WindEnergy trade show. ROEMHELD presented their new products for the testing and maintenance of large wind turbine components at the show, including "Rotorlocks" and linear actors for flap and azimuth adjustment. The company has received a large number of enquiries and is involved in in-depth discussions with both German and international companies which have expressed a keen interest in these solutions. ROEMHELD is one of the world's largest providers of solutions for production, assembly, clamping and drive technologies.

Broad applications for "Rotorlock"

The compact hydraulic "Rotorlock" systems are based on standard components made by ROEMHELD. With just minor modifications, they are suitable for a number of commercial wind turbines, which makes these systems excellent value for money.

Features include easy handling, load-bearing capacity for transverse forces up to 5,500 kN and safe locking of rotors for wind turbines of 6 MW and more. In addition to the "Rotorlock" design which was exhibited at the show, ROEHMELD also offers an electromagnetic version. Many customers are already using ROEMHELD's locking elements to clamp large components during production.

Linear drives for a full range of applications

Linear actors were met with great interest as well. Uses include moving maintenance openings and azimuth adjustment. ROEMHELD offers an ample portfolio of standard designs with either hydraulic or electro-mechanical drives.

Safe Rotor Locking with the Know-How of the ROEMHELD Group

With more than 300 years of experience the global ROEMHELD Group faces ever new challenges. Apart from the widespread range of solutions for power workholding as well as tool and die clamping, ROEMHELD is dedicated to the requirements of the wind power industry.

For safe maintenance and locking of wind power plants, on-shore as well as off-shore, the ROEMHELD Group develops and manufactures at the site Hilchenbach, beside customer-specific solutions for rotor locking also clamping elements for the rotor blade production - of course all completely "made in Germany".

Suitable for wind power plants with six megawatts of power and more

The rotor lockings for inspection and maintenance tasks consist of standard modules, which are configured according to an integrated concept. Thus, even complex special designs are available within a short time and at a reasonable price. The elements are based on a hydraulic or electro-mechanical design, double-acting bolt with position monitoring, that reliably locks the rotor with forces of up to 4,900 kN. Options for adjustable position monitoring or additional mechanical locking are available.

The lockings are designed for the use at temperatures between -30° C and + 70° C and maintenance free. Adapted to the limited space in the nacelle, their design is extremely compact. The ROEMHELD Group manufactures all rotor lockings as per customer's specification in Germany and delivers them to consumers all over the world.

The locking systems are available as on-shore or off-shore version, both with a special surface coating as per the requirements of DIN EN ISO 12944. By means of a special corrosion-resistant coating, safety and reliability can be guaranteed for long periods of time. Hilma follows the average operating time of off-shore plants of approx twenty years or the specific customer requirements.

Clamping technology specialist ROEMHELD for the first time at the HUSUM WindEnergy fair

Rotor locks for wind power stations and technology for producing and testing  large-scale components. ROEMHELD Rotor locks are designed to withstand lateral forces of up to 5,500 kN.

Laubach, 16 July 2012. ROEMHELD being worldwide the largest supplier of products for production, assembly, clamping and drive technology will present for the first time at this years‘ Husum WindEnergy fair an extended range of elements for testing and maintaining large-scale components for wind turbines. The hydraulically or electromechanically driven rotor lock made by ROEMHELD has already been launched with great success. Designed to withstand lateral forces of up to 5,500 kN, the rotors of onshore and offshore turbines with a capacity of six megawatt or more are reliably and safe locks. Furthermore, thanks to its compact design it is perfectly adapted to the limited space in the nacelle.
Germany-based firm ROEMHELD manufactures all products to meet customers‘  specific requirements and supplying them to purchasers right around the world. In view of the fact that standard components are used, even special designs can be quickly and cost-efficiently produced.

Among the potential fields of application are clamping elements for dies and workpieces used for the production of large-scale components, hydraulic test stands for rotor brakes, rotor locks for onshore and offshore turbines and linear actuators for moving maintenance flaps. All these items will be on display at stand 1C09 in hall 1.

The product portfolio of ROEMHELD, the world’s leading experts in the field of clamping technology, comprises production, assembly, clamping and drive technology for the production industries. At their sites in Laubach, Hilchenbach and Götzis (Austria) the ROEMHELD Group develops and manufactures customized solutions for production automation. The market leader is represented in more than 50 countries on all continents by sales and service companies. In 2011 total sales of some 86 million Euros were achieved by 450 members of staff.

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